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    We have a huge range of the best wood mouldings available in the world! Here are some helpful facts regarding our length moulding products....
    • Most mouldings are 3 meters long (9.84 feet)
    • Some natural woods (pines & veneers) are ramdom lengths from 7 feet to 9 feet
    • The Traditions of Designer Moulding are all a standard 8.5 feet and come in boxes from 30-45 pounds. Easy and safe to handle & store. They qualify for FedEx shipping.
    • We will cut length moulding in two pieces per your specification (for least expensive shipping keep your longest length 59" or shorter). The cutting charge is $4.00.
    Use the department listing on the left of the page to find the moulding you are looking for...
    Image: CiAO W132-W134
    CiAO W132-W134
    Image: Corsica Collection W177 & W178
    Corsica Collection W177 & W178
    Image: Coventry Collection W159
    Coventry Collection W159
    Image: Delmar Collection
    Delmar Collection
    Image: Designer Black
    Designer Black
    Image: Designer Mocha
    Designer Mocha
    Image: Estate Collection
    Estate Collection
    Image: Estate W114, W115
    Estate W114, W115
    Image: Fresco Collection W95, 96
    Fresco Collection W95, 96
    Image: Frontiera 5
    Frontiera 5
    Image: Frontiera Collection 1
    Frontiera Collection 1
    Image: Frontiera Collection 2
    Frontiera Collection 2
    Image: Frontiera Collection 3
    Frontiera Collection 3
    Image: Frontiera Collection 4
    Frontiera Collection 4
    Image: Garden Collection W73, 74
    Garden Collection W73, 74
    Image: Harbor Bay Collection
    Harbor Bay Collection
    Image: Heirloom Collection Four
    Heirloom Collection Four
    Image: Heirloom Collection One
    Heirloom Collection One
    Image: Heirloom Collection Three
    Heirloom Collection Three
    Image: Heirloom Collection Two
    Heirloom Collection Two
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