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The Traditions of Designer Moulding
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The Traditions of Designer Moulding is a line of mouldings that solves a number of frame shop issues. The tasteful fashion with high end quality makes these mouldings perfect for the core 50-80 mouldings a frame store should stock to capitalize on customers who need immediate framing. Included are;
Moulding Styles
Silvers & Golds
Furniture Finishes
Rustic Woods
Metal Mouldings
Service Benefits
8' 6" lengths (cheap FedEx Shipping!)
Small Box Sizes-Safe & Easy Handeling
Proved fashion = high turnover
Speedy Shipping
Available in very small box sizes these mouldings are available in 8.5 foot lengths to qualify for low cost parcel shipping via FedEx. Mix and match any mouldings in this family to keep your stock full for these service items.

Include the Traditions of Designer Moulding in your stocked moulding selection.
Image: Tradition 11650x
Tradition 11650x
Image: Tradition 17420x
Tradition 17420x
Image: Tradition 21940x
Tradition 21940x
Image: Tradition 27220x
Tradition 27220x
Image: Tradition 27240x
Tradition 27240x
Image: Tradition 27270x
Tradition 27270x
Image: Tradition 29220x
Tradition 29220x
Image: Tradition 29260x
Tradition 29260x
Image: Tradition 29450x
Tradition 29450x
Image: Tradition 29560x
Tradition 29560x
Image: Tradition 29680x
Tradition 29680x
Image: Tradition 29720x
Tradition 29720x
Image: Tradition 41490x
Tradition 41490x
Image: Tradition 42770x
Tradition 42770x
Image: Tradition 49270x
Tradition 49270x
Image: Tradition 52240x
Tradition 52240x
Image: Tradition 52330x
Tradition 52330x
Image: Tradition 63230x
Tradition 63230x
Image: Tradition 64230x
Tradition 64230x
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